Stanley Pelter

..birth day




today. my. birth day. yesterday. birth day. mine. yesterday. tomorrow. today. birth day. everyday. birth my day. you get it. you do not. matter’s not much. every birth day every day is true to wonder day of every birthday that ever is full and shall be forevermore.


Birthdays close in. Push, jostle, barge into ever short spasms of spent time. More space squashes out of. squeezes out of shape. More time rattles. I deserve it. Do and not. Happy runaway birth day. To more and more ancient of mine swept into future of speed. Rushes back to wish me yet another and another Happy Birth Day Today.  


birth   days come and go           in rush to age snowflakes



birth hospital




 inside too long it will soon end        


Architecture. Time warped. Ants at hard work. Hard at work. Arteries thicker. Torrents. Of new blood. Flow busy. Harder work. New colours. Genes. Furniture. Costume. New Babel. Unspoken purpose Unchange. Same. Built stone and mortar. Hewn fingers. Chisel and hammer. Always busy. Too busy. Even small talk. Busy for me. Even to view. Murals too large. Ants spread. Efficiency. Head down. Concentration of all. Damage limitation. Limit of roles. Necessary. Essential function. To function. All. All wrapped up. Sycophantic music. All unity glue. Heard. Too much of Unheard. Forever presence. Ants silt up. Direction. No change of. Impossible. Path. Predetermined. Track unsteady. Disguised. Achieve? How else. Job satisfaction.  This meaning. Each their mask has. Each Jew Each Asian Each. Each influx. Seatide. Christian Fishnets. Fish in nets. Flounder. Squash. Will to survive. Will survive. Will to will survive. To exist. Another envelope. Another stamp. Another posting. Delivery. Successful delivery. Birth successful hospital.


Inside Relief.    New Face.   Of Purple.     Redness.    Lingers.


Fruit leaves. Fruit trees. Separate. Dependent. Joined. And Not. Forever connect. And Not.


Pavement.  Vantage Point.  Look Up.   TouchStone.


Conclusion: ‘I’ Here.  Reason. Where Propel She Into Push My Appearance. Ants propel.

not too aware of

but pulsing through anyway

just this once

mum and pram well happy birthday again mum 23 january 2005.wps Firsts when i was very young