Stanley Pelter

Haibun Collections

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There are currently 7 published collections of haibun written and illustrated * by Stanley Pelter.

Erratically changing selections from each book appear on this website. If you would like a copy of one of the actual books, each of which contains getting on for 80-100 haibun, plus an introduction (as well as copious illustrations) and is sold on a not for profit basis,  then please contact the author via the contact page here or via his facebook page.  

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1  past imperfect

2    & Y not?

4    slightly scented short lived words and roses

3  insideoutside

5    Vermeer and a stony beach

6  an abundance of gifts

IOther selected illustrations are by John Marsh (book 1) and John Parsons (book 2 and 6). Covers are by Izzy Sharpe (books 2-7) and John Marsh (book 1)


7  about time