Stanley Pelter

spring and summer


cold coffee -

allowed to flow

onto dry grass

wild strawberry

inside shadow colours

a string quartet shape

white butterfly

it folds and unfolds

inside silence

even at night

in the darkest of dark

white lupins

waves spread

sand subsides

into an imprint

warm garden

and honeysuckle scents

we sneeze together


full of me

bodyscape sun

touch your coffee

lipstick lips

touch my tastes

taste of honey

inside this sunwrapped day

hints of more

railway crossing

wave at the girl

who waves at me

rose aroma

serious visitor

fails to notice.

rattlebag of birds

cacophony of trill sounds

start another day

she lies

upside down

sky insideout

with a fingertip

wipes her crumpled eyes

doves attend themselves

dog and i

exchange looks

heads angle

door opens

her smile enters

before she does

giant heat wave

across the field

house colours collide

late sun

stays open

24 hour wedding

quk txt msg

on a mbile fone

ldybirds mte

more dust

jumbled sandals

on a temple step

farmed impatiens

distant city recedes

in a curve of heat

express train

swathes of wild grass

pull sideways


of beach sculpture

static cormorants

march snowmelt

wood pigeonsounds

hidden in mist

daffodil walk

inside young grass

grey bucks

easter bells

they sound out my pagan dreams

for a while

clear sight

only when I tidy up

cluttered daffodils

they lie

upside down

sky turns backwards


wild garlic

bends into the sound

of unseen winds