Stanley Pelter


a selection of tanka from  haibun collections 1-7

from past imperfect

from & Y not?

from insideoutside

from about time

from an abundance of gifts

from Vermeer and a stony beach

from slightly scented short lived words and roses

in our other life                                                        

 dreams solidify                                        

 in this U and i                                            

 are masked animals                              

 all glitter and dust                                  

 as he dozes

 pianos in the air

 tip sideways

 played by black gloved hands

  & a white gull


differently placed              

 in a clean bed                    

 sounds of them move        

 as if a cave in motion        

 begins to sparkle                


   lips close                                    

  into thin lines                            

  a hard swallow                      

 at an outburst                          

 of pleasure                                


     eyes open

as wide as wide can be

hung out to dry

an innocent smile

loses merit

  her medusa fuzz                    

  a shock of tight curls

  with her

  he breaks

  many rules

delusions either side                                

 of one god or many                                                          

 are similar colours                                                                    

 tired and quiet i look up                                                

 to again see a green sky                                                                  


  star loaded night

  follows a clean day

  yellow with gorse

  cloudless skies

  fill an open space

  in a less clean bed                

  and from a different start      

  they move closer                    

  older blue eyes calibrate      

  the inside search              

  this is the day

  to wear black

  shop window atoms

  freeze into an ultra fast

  rydberg molecule

canvas is slashed

into an open wound

she prepares to stitch it

with viscous paint

thinned into a blood glaze